For someone coming from a developed country, poverty means being hungry, thirsty, homeless….. Since I came to this country, poverty means something different to me.

Here we have coconut palms, coconuts with coconut milk, nights in the open are warm, and everyday is a shunning day. A dream for any westerner.

The poverty in this country means: lack of education, precarious health services, widespread corruption, exploitations of labours, alcoholism everywhere, women batter, prostitution, child abuse and even paedophiles. Everything is due to ignorance.

To put an end to all these problems seems a utopia, even for me, being an idealist… However, saying that nothing can be done is a big excuse used by those who refuse to see and hear or by those who cause or are part of this kind of situations… Never forget that many of those situations are created by tourism itself.

On this site you are going to see a tiny part of the problems of this world but also a real chance to do something about it.

We are here because we refuse to turn a blind eye and we are aware of how lucky we are for having what we have, to have the background we have and to be who we are.

Maria José Marti
Director and
Founding member